about our tech

Fat Cat Custom Guitars & Repair is owned and operated by Scott Bond.  An experienced guitar builder, designer and technician, Scott approaches his work with an unusual combination of exhaustive technical knowledge and a serious player's understanding of what makes a guitar feel great.  

He has worked on guitars professionally for over ten years and has been building and selling his own creations for almost as long.  His voracious intellectual appetite for all things guitar keeps him endlessly reading, researching and experimenting.  This combined with a healthy respect for scientific inquiry have taken him on a trajectory where he is now refining proprietary design innovations and implementing them in his own custom models. 

Scott has been a dedicated player for over a quarter century and has toured extensively and lived the life of the gigging professional musician.  He even laid guitar tracks at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.  As a music producer and engineer, he has recorded and produced a great deal of music as well as a variety of commercial work. 

He is also known by a few other names, including "the Guitar Whisperer," "the Wizard," and, most often, "Dr. Bond."