repair and modification services

Fat Cat Custom Guitars & Repair offers high quality work ranging from setups, electronics replacement, general repairs, meticulous fretwork including complete refrets (with binding), and much more. When you bring your guitar in to us you can expect great quality work for a very fair price, often with surprisingly fast turnaround.

If you have a guitar that doesn’t quite fit or hasn’t reached its full potential, we can modify it for you from pickup replacements to switching configurations and beyond. 

Our pick-up, drop-off, and consultation hours are Tuesday through Friday, 12-6, Saturday 11-5, and by appointment.  We are closed Sunday and Monday.  Hours are structured this way so that your job has opportunity to benefit from our full and undivided attention. 

Our Repair Shop Pledge:

I have been playing for over 35 years, have toured coast to coast, the Caribbean, South America, Japan and back. Since being back in Chicago I have tried half a dozen different shops to work on my guitars. I had purchased a new Fender American Deluxe Strat that never felt or played right. I took the guitar to Scott for a set up and he had it done within the week. The set up was fantastic. I have since brought four other guitars to him that not only needed set ups but did major custom mods to my specs. Pick-ups, custom wiring schemes, custom bridges, custom electronics, all of which came out fantastic. JC P., Elgin

If you have a guitar that needs work and don't know who to trust...take that to Scott! He is an excellent set-up/fret work/pick-up/ whatever you might need sort of guy and his work is like his customs....IMPECCABLE! Jeff P., Poplar Grove

I finished off a guitar project of my own. The neck had a slight twist and the nut I provided had spacing that was too wide. My electronics were faulty as well. I give the guitar and nut to Dr Bond and he leveled the frets so the neck's twist became a moot point... it doesn't fret out anywhere. And the fret dressing is second to none. (One of the frets actually came bent up and Scott saved/repaired it). He also saved that nut and somehow made the string spacing work perfectly.   Ryan J., Bartlett

As a seasoned musician and discerning guitar collector I have learned to trust Scott Bond and his craftsmanship.  Nick S., Huntley, IL